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The EPM Clouds are Rolling in Fast! Is It Really Worth Upgrading My On-Prem System Now?
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Joe Malewicki, Jr
Date: 2017-05-31
Subtopic: EPM

Joe Malewiki, iArch Solutions

So it’s here. The storm has been brewing and it looks like this time, we might actually see some weather. The reality is yes; everything is headed to the cloud. However, this session isn’t about “tomorrow.” It’s about TODAY.

Today you have a fully baked production running EPM/Hyperion system. You’ve got Essbase cubes crunching data, Financial Management Consolidations firing off daily, Planning web forms being updated every week and finally tons of users with a local version of Excel 2010 on Windows 7 complaining daily “Smart View is too slow!” You’ve got IT and Risk Management stating Microsoft has cut off the version of SQL Server and Windows 4 years ago yet Hyperion is still lingering along on these unsupported platforms. Why? Because you can’t run your business WITHOUT Hyperion.

In this session we’ll help you address and develop a plan with minimal to NO downtime to get your “on-prem” Hyperion installation up to the latest and greatest available from Oracle. We’ll help you decide what makes the most sense for an upgrade path: On-prem hardware, virtualizing, hosted environments, or shared resources. Discussions on 3rd party hosting providers and yes, discussions on Oracle’s Cloud versions of their EPM software stack and how all relates to an upgrade.

You’ll see a LIVE demonstration of “BEFORE” and “AFTER Upgrade” real world EPM application performance and system functionality. So please join us for this educational and informative session and let’s get you up to where you should be today! And remember – someone’s “cloud” is just someone else’s “computer.”

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