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Data Modeling, BI Modeling and/or Data Blending. What Should I Do?
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Hasso Schaap
Date: 2017-06-07
Subtopic: Analytics

Hasso Schaap, Qualogy

Oracle now provides many options to create relationships and other structure within data and between data sets. But when having all the options it is important to understand the differences between all these types of modeling and choose the right tool to do your modeling.

This session will explain the different types of modeling and modeling tools, compare (dis-) advantages and guide you to choose the right modeling tool for the right modeling job. We will also share how we leveraged all types of modeling and blending to create maximum value for our customers.

We will finally present a collaborative BI workflow that puts a lot of Oracle modeling tools in one overview. Tools we will be mentioning are Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, Oracle BI Cloud Data Modeler, BI Admin Tool and Data Preparation, and the Blending features of modern Oracle Data Visualization.



Download File   06062017 Data Modeling BI Modeling andor Data Blending Hasso Schaap.mp4

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