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From Zero to a Full OBIEE Model in 60 Minutes
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Gianni Ceresa
Date: 2017-07-25
Subtopic: Analytics

Gianni Ceresa, DATAlysis

OBIEE has the reputation to be that old style BI platform, managed by IT and taking months to deliver every single project. This reputation is unfair, OBIEE can be great for prototyping and it is fast to setup a model. 
In this session we start with an empty setup and end up, 60 minutes later, with a full RPD using relational sources and a federation with an Essbase cube. LIVE! All will be done in real time while telling you about each step. Isn't that fast and agile? And it's OBIEE! 
If you are new to OBIEE or already using it but a bit reluctant about "online editing" this is definitely for you.

Download File   From Zero to a Full OBIEE Model in 60 Minutes G Ceresa.mp4

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