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Agile Testing with The APEX Test Automation Framework
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Simon Hunt
Date: 2017-09-12

Simon Hunt, MOD

Delivering working, tested APEX applications frequently, can only be achieved with automated browser tests that often require specialist programming skills. Augmenting an Agile team with specialist automation testers reduces the flexibility of the team and increases the cost and time of development. APEX by its very nature, contains an up-to-date user interface map that documents all the components of an application, which when combined with an action and data can be used to generate an automated test script. The APEX Test Automation Framework (ATAF) is an open source APEX project that requires no specialist knowledge and can be used to build highly maintainable automated browser scripts. ATAF uses only documented and supported APIs and best of all, it’s written in APEX! so, it can be adapted, supported and maintained by the development team adopting it. 
This Webinar covers the theory, installation, real world examples and basic use of ATAF and provides an opportunity to ask questions directly to the creator and developer of ATAF.

Download File   091217 Agile Testing with The APEX Test Automation Framework S Hunt.mp4

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