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Leverage a Competitive Advantage with EPBCS Workforce Planning Module
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Vince Tran
Date: 2017-10-19
Subtopic: EPM

Vince TranVertical Edge Consulting  Group

Workforce enables planners to align critical corporate resources—people and dollars—with the strategies that best leverage a competitive advantage. Using Workforce, departments collaborate to plan headcount and related expenses such as salaries, health care, bonuses, and taxes. Planners can see up-to-date graphics that show expenses and trends. 
In this session, we will take a close look at Workforce Planning and how it enables planners to manage and track headcount expenses by analyzing, calculating, and reporting on salary, bonuses, taxes, and health care expense; planning for new hires, transfers, promotions, terminations; and defining country appropriate taxes and benefits.



Download File   Leverage a Competitive Advantage with EPBCS V Tran Vertical Edge.mp4

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