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Comin’ at ya straight outta the BI Apps Corner guest DJ Bec is here to throw down some performance tips on the 1’s and 2’s we know as the Data warehouse and BI stack. Just because you have a hammer doesn't make every issue a nail. So don’t sweat those slow loads and get ready to bounce, shimmie and shake that database.


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In this first-ever playlist compilation from DJ Harms, we’re gonna kick it old-school. We’re paying homage to that godfather of OBIEE hip-hop: everyone’s favorite metadata thumpin’, ever-present, and seemingly-never-changing   three-paned, Windows-only(!?) program client that you have to read from right to left! The OBIEE REPOSITORY, otherwise known simply among its friends by its shortened moniker: "The RPD.” Let’s bounce to the tunes of this venerable BI legend.


The DJ Harms Curated Playlist

"The RPD Essentials"