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    In this first-ever playlist compilation from DJ Harms, we’re gonna kick it old-school. We’re paying homage to that godfather of OBIEE hip-hop: everyone’s favorite metadata thumpin’, ever-present, and seemingly-never-changing   three-paned, Windows-only(!?) program client that you have to read from right to left! The OBIEE REPOSITORY, otherwise known simply among its friends by its shortened moniker: "The RPD.” Let’s bounce to the tunes of this venerable BI legend.



        The DJ Harms Curated Playlist    
          "The RPD Essentials"

    1.“20 Golden Rules for the OBIEE 11g RPD”   

    Anthony Heljula

    2."Creating a Repository Using the Oracle BI Administration Tool (”

    Oracle by Example (OBE) Tutorials

    3."Metadata Repository Builder's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition”


    4."Oracle BI EE 11g – Lookup Tables – Sparse and Dense Lookups”    

    Venkatakrishnan “Venkat" Janakiraman

    5.“OBIEE 11g Data Modeling Best Practices”  

    Mark Rittman at OOW 2010

    6."When Fact Tables Do Not Join to All Dimension Tables”  

    The Legend Kurt Wolff

    7.“Keep It Simple Stupid”   

    Jeff McQuigg

    8."The Single Most Important Thing to Know About the OBI RPD”   

    Jeff McQuigg

    9."BI 11g Design Best Practices and Performance Tuning”      

    Nicolas Barasz and Paul Benedict of CEAL

    10."Using OBIEE for Reporting Directly Against Operational Systems” 

    Steve Devine

    11."Using OBIEE Against Transactional Schemas” (five-part series!)     

    Stewart Bryson

    12.“Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Developers Guide” (the quintessential book)

    Mark Rittman


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