Application Development on Oracle Database: A Year-Long CodeTalk Series 

Sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG, provided by Oracle Developer Advocates

Oracle Database is the most powerful, flexible, relational database in the world, but it’s way more than “just” a database. Packed into Oracle Database are features designed to make it easier for developers (whether writing in PL/SQL or JavaScript) to build highly secure, high-performance, maintainable applications. The Oracle Developer Advocates team has a mission to make the user community more aware of all these features and how best to use them.

This webcast series will feature presentations, followed by discussions with a featured user of the relevant technology.

Upcoming Webinars

Past Sessions:

The NoPL/SQL And Thick Database Methods
Toon Koppelaars and Chris Saxon, Oracle Corporation

Toon Koppelaars recently conducted an experiment comparing the performance of different ways of implementing a specific task. The NoPL/SQL approach treats the database as no more than a persistence layer, using only naive single-row SQL statements; it implements all business logic outside of it. The thick database approach treats the database as a processing engine; it uses a combination of sophisticated set-based SQL statements and PL/SQL to implement all business logic inside it. In this session, Chris and Toon investigate Toon’s findings and discuss their implications for database development. This session is a must-watch for anyone who builds applications using Oracle Database.

12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2 
Steven Feuerstein and Chris Saxon, Oracle Corporation

12.2 is packed full of goodies for Oracle Database developers. This session features a conversation with the Ask Tom Answer Team (Chris Saxon and Connor McDonald), along with Keith Laker, SQL Product Manager, and Bryn Llewellyn, PL/SQL Product Manager. It will be followed by a live Q&A session with Chris Saxon and Steven Feuerstein.

Git, Git Hosting Services, and Oracle's Role in Open Source
Blaine Carter, Oracle Corporation,  Martin D'Souza, Insum

Git has quickly become one of the dominant version control systems. Git can be intimidating at first, but understanding some of the basic functionality is all that's needed to get started. We'll talk about what Git is and explore the must-know features to get you productive quickly. We'll also explore the major Git repositories GitHub and Bitbucket, and help you get started with each. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the many Oracle open source projects available on You'll learn how to fork these repositories, pull them to your local machine, and eventually become a valuable contributor to the open source community.

Simplifying Effective Date Range Queries with Temporal Validity
Chris Saxon
and Stew Ashton, Oracle Corporation

Storing changes to data over time is a common requirement. For example, many businesses like to keep a historic record of customer address changes or product price updates. Data warehouse developers frequently need to store history in slowly changing dimensions. 

Typically these requirements are implemented by adding effective "from" and "to" date columns to tables. This requires developers to write convoluted select statements to find the rows active at a given point in time. This is error-prone and open to interpretation by developers, making applications harder to maintain. 

Introduced in 12c, temporal validity provides a standard way to write queries using effective date ranges. Implementing this helps improve developer productivity by simplifying SQL and providing a consistent method for managing time series data. Watch this session to see how you can easily adopt this on your 12c databases.


Application Development on Oracle Database: A Yearlong CodeTalk Series 
Connor McDonald, Oracle Corporation; Scott Wesley, Sage Computing Systems

Analytic SQL in the Oracle Database has been there since 8.1.6, but is still dramatically underused by application developers. Rather than wade through syntax diagrams, let's spend a session solving what used to be considered complex problems, now made simple with the power of Analytics. Oracle ACE Scott Wesley will interview Oracle Developer Advocate Connor McDonald on how to get the best out the Analytic SQL facilities.

Oracle Database Developers: The Most Important Programmers on Earth

Almost all eyes are focused on UI development these days, leveraging JavaScript to build intuitive apps and more. Yet underneath it all, we still rely heavily on databases generally, and Oracle Database in particular. Join IOUG for the launch of a 12-month series of discussions with experts such as Steven Feuerstein and Connor McDonald as we explore how to fully leverage all the application development features in Oracle Database.

In this first webcast, a community expert will interview Steven Feuerstein about the importance of SQL and PL/SQL when building secure, high-performance, and maintainable applications on Oracle Database.