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When Facts and Dimensions Alone Aren’t the Answer: Logically Reversing the Star Schema
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Kathryn Watson
Date: 2014-06-25
Subtopic: Kscope14

Classically designed dimensional models have long proven effective in answering classical business questions. However, as today’s business users have gained greater access to data, their questions have grown in both complexity and sophistication. Today’s analytic endeavors have evolved beyond simple aggregations filtered and presented, no matter how elegantly, by a variety of directly related descriptors.

This session will specifically concentrate on the technical problem of logically connecting unrelated factual elements via a dimensional model. Business Intelligence professionals are increasingly being presented with the business requirement to allow filtering and presentation of dimensional attributes and fact measures seemingly unrelated to each other while maintaining data integrity. While business users can often identify a logical relationship amongst elements, it is frequently one that does not translate technically to a classic dimensional model. A Reverse Star Schema structure, in conjunction with OBIEE’s Level Based Measure feature, provides the mechanism with which to address this increasingly prevalent challenge.

During the course of this session, attendees will be introduced to Reverse Star Schemas and their implementation, with specific topics including:
- What is a Reverse Star Schema and how does it differ from a traditional Star Schema or Snowflake Model? Diagraming and functional differences will be explained.
- Why and when would a Reverse Star Schema be used? Result comparisons between classic dimensional models and Reverse Star Schemas as well as real-world case studies at one of the nation’s top-tier health systems will be highlighted.
- How is a Reverse Star Schema implemented in OBIEE? Specific Business Model Mapping and Level Based Measure techniques will be demonstrated.

Join this informative session around Reverse Star Schemas and leave well equipped to architect the complex and sophisticated Business Intelligence applications of the future.

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