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Business Intelligence Presentation - Making Sense of Information – Creating and Enriching It
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Mark Ostroff
Date: 2010-01-15
Subtopic: Other

Organizations need to make quality decisions in a climate of rapid change. Relying on merely providing raw data to end users creates an environment where users have to work too hard to understand what they are looking at, slowing down the decision process; poor quality decisions are made because there is little or no business context to the data. The fundamental principle is that information is useful only if it drives someone to take action. This session will discuss strategies for turning raw data into actionable information. Key questions that will be answered include: • How can we create clear insight from the masses of data? • How do I solve the conflict between ‘consistency’ and ‘flexibility’? • What is “data enrichment” and where does it happen?

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