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    ODTUG Volunteer Spotlight: Opal Alapat
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    The latest ODTUG Volunteer Spotlight shines upon Opal Alapat (al-uh-pat). You probably know Opal as the Kscope15 Content Chair for EPM/BI or maybe as a great speaker in the Hyperion/EPM world. You might not know that Opal is also one of ODTUG’s most prolific tweeters (@Opal_EPM) and a blogger, too.

    Opal is Services Engineering Manager at TopDown Consulting and spends her days finding ways to allow TopDown to provide better services to its customers and a great working environment for its consultants. In a nutshell, Opal’s focus is to help TopDown and its consultants succeed. Opal is one of TopDown’s premier consultants, working her way up through the organization to a management role once she got tired of traveling for work. Her position now allows her to work from home (most of the time) and be more creative with her career. That’s lucky for us at ODTUG because it provides her with more time for ODTUG and the user community.

    Born in South Korea (Opal is half-Korean), Opal’s family moved to Houston, Texas, when she was a toddler, and she is a loyal Texan to this day. She moved to Dallas 10 years ago and has no plans to move out of Texas anytime soon. One of my first experiences with Opal was when a conference committee meeting was scheduled in Dallas and she put together Texas welcome bags for all of the participants (much obliged, ma’am)!

    Read more about Opal here.

    JohnKing.png John King, King Training Resources
    Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques” by Michael Rosenblum and Dr. Paul Dorsey is a book you should read soon. A quote from Oracle’s Bryn Llwellyn in the book’s forward says it all “Every professional PL/SQL programmer should study this book and act upon its teachings.”

    Misha and Paul take the scientific route to performance, providing readers the how and why of effective performance. The first chapter sets the tone, showing how performance is an aggregate typically of nine steps from execution of code on the client side, through middleware, to server, and back again to the client. Learn how PL/SQL works from two of the best, whose shared stories of actual issues underline the importance of performance planning and thinking.

    Read more here.


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    Philip_Hulsebosch Frame.jpg Ever Wanted to Look into a Crystal Ball?
    Philip Hulsebosch, Trexco b.v.
    Who does not want to know the future? Only a few people like risk and uncertainty. In the old Greek mythology, the Oracle of Delphi was consulted for decision making, and it was assumed to be inspired by the gods (Hyperion was one of them). The myth is, the oracle looked into a crystal ball and saw the future. Some of us still rely on this kind of approach, others using statistical methods. Oracle Crystal Ball (CB) is an analytical tool to simulate, quantify, and manage risk and uncertainty in a spreadsheet model. It is a Microsoft Excel add-in that is leveraging the easy interface of a spreadsheet and the calculation power and modelling capabilities of Excel. Crystal Ball adds strong statistical and analytical functionality, which should validate a model with scientific measures. 

    dmitry_kryuk.png Essbase Outline and Data Scrambler
    Dmitry Kryuk, Independent Consultant
    In this article, I demonstrate the utility that completely "scrambles" Essbase database. If the scrambled data files or outlines get to the wrong hands, they will have no meaningful business information. On the other hand, the outline structure, data distribution, and volume would be exactly the same as in the original application. A consultant would have just enough to perform her/his job. 

    Going Mobile: Application Design Principles for ADF Development
    Peter Koletzke, Quovera (Editor's Choice Award winning entry)
    In the not too distant past, application developers and designers were often tasked with building applications that supported different resolutions in a desktop computing environment. Today they need to think about supporting mobile as well as desktop devices. User interface design for mobile devices requires more planning than user interface design for desktop computers because it needs to accommodate more than just different resolutions; specifically, it requires careful thought directed towards mobile device features such as touch interfaces, the ability to shift orientations, and embedded services. Oracle has spent much time, money, and talent on the question of how to best design an application to run on mobile devices. 

    Leviter.png Oracle 12c and JSON: The Nuts and Bolts
    Coleman Leviter, IOUG/Arrow Electronics
    With the introduction of Oracle 12c (Cloud) comes more enhancements and incorporation of current industry standards. Oracle's implementation of JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is no exception toward meeting current industry standards. As an alternative to XML, JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is an open-standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application. Using Oracle 12c and SQL Developer, the session attendees will view several examples of using JSON as well as an introduction to its syntax. JSON first became available in Oracle 12c release 

    Check out the latest from the Oracle Apps UX Team. This group, which sponsored the ODTUG Scavenger Hunt at Kscope15, stays on the edge of everything UX.

    Oracle Apps UX Team Report: OpenWorld, New Tools, and UX News
    Submitted by Kathy Miedema, Oracle Apps UX
    What a great conference for the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team in 2015! To get a good look at the many activities this team took part in, visit our Storify post.

    Oracle Apps UX Team Report: Emerging Technology and Innovation Events
    Submitted by Kathy Miedema, Oracle Apps UX
    Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley, who leads the Oracle Applications User Experience team, writes about how mobile devices and emerging technology influence the Oracle user experience on Forbes.com’s Oracle Voice.

    Oracle Apps UX Team Report: Asteroids to OpenWorld and More
    Submitted by Kathy Miedema, Oracle Apps UX
    We’ve talked about it before, but we’re still not done with last year’s NASA/EchoUser-sponsored hackathon that resulted in collaboration between members of the OAUX Team and the Minor Planet Center.

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    Oracle Apps UX Team Report: Emerging Technology and Innovation Events
    Submitted by Kathy Miedema, Oracle Apps UX
    Group Vice President Jeremy Ashley, who leads the Oracle Applications User Experience team, writes about how mobile devices and emerging technology influence the Oracle user experience on Forbes.com’s Oracle Voice.

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