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    ODTUG Volunteer Spotlight: Kellyn Pot'Vin
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    This ODTUG Volunteer Spotlight falls upon Kellyn Pot'Vin. You might know Kellyn as a speaker at ODTUG Kscope, webinar presenter, author of books, RMOUG Training Days Director, Oracle ACE Director (one of only nine women), or champion of Women in Technology (WIT).

    Kellyn Pot’Vin (Pōt Van) is an Oracle database administrator working for Enkitec, the Exadata specialists. She has worked for over fifteen years, managing Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL and has been recognized for her efforts in many ways including being an Oracle ACE Director.


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    dana.png ALM in the Cloud: An Overview of Oracle Developer Cloud Service   
    Dana Singleterry, Oracle Corporation 
    In recent years, the world of application development has adopted new methodologies that aim to improve the quality and speed in which applications are being delivered. The introduction of innovative development approaches, such as test-driven development and agile development, gave rise to a set of new techniques and tools that enable those methodologies. Tools such as automatic-build utilities combined with continuous integration platforms, as well as enhanced collaborative tools such as wikis and code review utilities, aim to simplify the adoption of these new methodologies.
    ultanjournal.png Heads Up on Displays: Exploring Google Glass Globally
    Oracle Applications User Experience team members
    Ultan O'Broin and others write about their different experiences with Google Glass and how it is perceived internationally in the general public. "As a global Google Glass Explorer, I was drawn to the HuffPo's article about reactions to Google Glass in Spain. We have Explorers in Oracle, so I thought it would be interesting to hear from some about what reactions they’d encountered the around the world."
    LucasJellema.png UX-plosive Stuff – The Proliferation of User Interfaces 
    Lucas Jellema, AMIS
    You should not judge a book by its cover. Doesn’t the same apply to computer applications? Well, apparently not. If the user interface is unappealing, unintuitive, and unproductive, the application stinks, no matter how good the machinery inside. This may not have been as true fifteen years ago as it is today; it is certainly rapidly becoming more of a reality every day.
    CD.png Join Techniques in Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c  
    Carl Dudley, Tradba Ltd
    Joins are one of the most fundamental operations to be carried out on a relational database. ANSI defined the standard join syntax in SQL92 and Oracle now supports this syntax as well as its own non-standard syntax. Since the introduction of the ANSI syntax into the Oracle Database, there has been much debate as to which syntax to use. Oracle now recommends the adoption of the ANSI syntax, but the take-up appears to be patchy. This paper does not attempt to evaluate joins on a syntax basis but is designed to show some of the quirks and possibilities when processing joins.

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