Essbase Day – Sponsored by Applied OLAP, Hosted by ODTUG!

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Essbase Day – Sponsored by Applied OLAP, Hosted by ODTUG!

Essbase 21c is here and we are celebrating by providing more than just great content! Play throughout the day as we honor how far Essbase has come since the early '90s. During session breaks we'll have trivia questions and a 1993 pop-culture-inspired scavenger hunt sponsored by Applied OLAP. You can earn points by gathering items from around your home related to certain pop phenomena. Get creative—you can earn bonus points for collecting multiple items in each category. The point leader and two runners-up will be awarded Mastercard gift cards and some great Dodeca swag. Don't forget to bring what you find to the networking event for a little show and tell.

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Essbase 21c: Ready – Set – Go!
, Karen Zubetz, Oracle Corporation
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST 

Essbase 21c is generally available! The long wait is over, and Essbase 21c is released for the on-premises customer base, with a Marketplace (OCI) release following in calendar Q1_2021. All customers should be planning their migration to this latest release, and there are many benefits to discuss! customers will learn about the new Essbase platform and its features. In addition, we will discuss how we have eased your migration by offering EAS "lite" and Shared Services Security management. Customers on OCI will hear about the latest cloud infrastructure developments and Essbase enhancements. We will cover a brief roadmap of 21c uptake in the EPM product suite and non-Linux platform support for 21c Essbase.

CPE session, Migrating to 19/21c acedirectoricon25.JPG Glenn Schwartzberg, interRel
2:05 – 3:05 p.m. EST 

Still on-premises? Thinking about what you need to do in order to migrate to either 21c (anywhere) or to 19c on OCI marketplace? Then this session is for you. We will discuss what you need to do to migrate your security, applications, and automation to a new environment. See how painless it will be to be on the latest and greatest version of Essbase.

Our Favorite New Essbase Features Tim Tow and acedirectoricon25.JPG Tim Faitsch, Applied OLAP
3:15 – 4:00 p.m. EST 

How can we choose our favorite new feature? We couldn't, so we picked three. Join Tim Tow and Tim Faitsch as they discuss and demonstrate their favorite new Essbase features. They'll show off Sandbox Dimensions, Shadow Cubes, and the MDX Insert statement.

CPE session, Fulfill the True Potential of Essbase with Hybrid Mode and Cube Designer  
acedirectoricon25.JPG Tim German, Qubix
4:05 – 5:05 p.m. EST 

Believe it or not, Hybrid Mode in Essbase—which brings together the rich, intuitive calculation capability of Block Storage and the dynamic aggregation capability of Aggregate Storage—is almost seven years old! But in earlier on-premises versions, Hybrid limitations such as unsupported calculation functions sometimes made it difficult for practitioners to take full advantage. In Essbase 21c, we have "full coverage" Hybrid Mode. We also have brand new Cube Designer tools (the Baseline and Solve Order utilities) that help to document performance parameters, find the optimal balance between calculation and query speed, and catch potential performance problems. In this session, we'll review the principles of Hybrid Mode and learn how Cube Designer can help with Hybrid optimization.

Networking Fun
5:05 – 6:00 p.m. EST

Join the networking fun! Applied OLAP will be awarding the point leader and two runners-up Mastercard gift cards and some great Dodeca swag. Remember, come camera ready with all of your scavenger hunt items in your video frame! A Zoom link to attend the networking event will be provided throughout the day in the session chat. 

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Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify new sources for improving productivity in the workplace.
  • Learn new methods and techniques for building, improving, and maintaining applications.
  • Learn what changes (good and bad) to expect in the industry and product development in the near future.

    Program Level: Overview

    Prerequisites and Advanced Preparation:

    There are no prerequisites for attending.

    Instructional Delivery Method: Group, Internet-Based

    How to qualify for CPE Credits:

    This event is free to all. No cancellation is required. If you do not attend, your registration will automatically be cancelled.

    Register for the event, indicate that you are a Full (paid) ODTUG member, and check the box on your registration form to indicate you'll be earning credits.

    • Attend the event and fill out an evaluation form; make sure to include your name. The evaluation form will pop up on your screen once the event is completed.
    • You must respond to all poll questions that will show up on the screen at random during the presentations.
    • After the event, you will receive a certificate via email for the session you attended.
    • Submit the certificate to your State Board of Accountancy.

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