Don’t be Shy Join the ODTUG Board!

barbaramorris.jpgHi Everyone.  For those of you that don’t know me my name is Barbara Morris and I first ran for the ODTUG Board in 2009 and was elected Secretary in 2011.  I work with Oracle Web applications and several non Oracle tools, including MS Visual Basic and presented “Ever Broadening Cyber Security Needs in Application Development” at Kscope 11.

I just received an email reminding me it is that time of year for nominations to the ODTUG Board of Directorsand it brought to mind how intimidated I was to put my name forward. However, after some encouragement from several board members I submitted my name and was honored to be elected.  I would like to pay this forward by making myself available to anyone who may have questions about my experiences and what to expect in this position.

You can contact me at:


Work:  208-533-0733

Cell:  208-360-0865

I encourage anyone who is interested in putting their name forward to do so as the possibilities are limitless as long as you are willing to take the chance.  In closing I would like to say this has been one of the best Professional organizations I have ever been associated with and I have loved working with the other board members for ODTUG’s continued success.

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, September 28, 2011. Nominate yourself or someone you know today!

Check out my “Training for Kscope 11 Video” for a glimpse at the fun activities the board participates in.

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