Must-See Oracle Core & Database Sessions at ODTUG Kscope22

Oracle Core & Database Track Lead ACE.png Erik van Roon shares his top picks at ODTUG Kscope22 and why you shouldn’t miss them.

Track 9 ¾ or the Magic of Data Modeling presented by ACE.png Andrea Kennel, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Data modeling. We all know it's important. We all know how to do it. Still, we all keep running into models that could be better. So, maybe we have something to learn in this area. This session might teach me some things I have been doing wrong, and if nothing else why what I did was correct.

How To Find The "Top Anything" Using Raw ASH Data presented by ACE Director.png Craig Shallahamer, OraPub

Yes, instrumenting your code is really important. But if Craig promises to teach us how to get lots of information on the many database applications that are not instrumented by analyzing ASH data, then I just have to see that.

The Things You Can Do Between Static and Dynamic SQL presented by ACE Director.png Kim Berg Hansen, Trivadis

Some people are keen to say that you should *never* use dynamic SQL. But let's face it, sometimes your SQL just needs a bit of flexibility. I'm looking forward to seeing an overview of the various ways to do this in the Oracle database and to hear about the (dis)advantages.

Oracle SQL Pattern Matching Made Easy presented by ACE Director.png Oren Nakdimon, Moovit

Pattern Matching is a really powerful tool in the SQL toolkit, but at first glance it can be intimidating because it doesn't look like the SQL we're used to. Oren promises to make it easy for us, and since he's quite good at making complex things easy to understand, I think this is a session not to be missed.

In 45 minutes, you could be on your way to solving those hard-to-crack SQL problems with this powerful feature.

Unduly Forgotten Performance Tuning Hero: PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler presented by ACE.png Michael Rosenblum, Dulcian

The Hierarchical Profiler is such a great tool to analyze the execution of your PL/SQL. The cause of many performance problems can be pinpointed quite easily. Yet very many people don't use it. In fact, many haven't even heard of it. So, this is an important session for anyone writing and/or optimizing PL/SQL. I know I will be in this session and will probably learn some things I didn't know yet.

About ACE.png Erik van Roon, Oracle Core & Database Track Lead for ODTUG Kscope22

Erik van Roon is an Oracle Database Developer and Oracle ACE who has worked with Oracle technology since 1995, specializing in, but not limiting to, SQL and PLSQL. Since 2009 he is self-employed. His company is called EvROCS. Prior to that he has worked for several consulting companies in the Netherlands. He has worked on major projects for several clients in industries like entertainment, banking, and energy. Erik has been the technical lead of multiple successful high-impact data-migration projects moving and transforming large amounts of data. He's been a speaker at several conferences in Europe and the United States. He is a co-founder and core member of the MASH program which mentors new speakers during their first steps as a speaker.

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