Tough Decisions Ahead for Kscope13!

Patrick Barel.JPGFor last year’s conference (Kscope12) I just had to review the abstracts in the developers track, but this year Chet Justice (the real ORACLENERD) asked me if I would be willing to become a content lead for the Database Track at Kscope13. After giving it a bit of thought (like five minutes or so ;-)) I decided to take the job. It was really hard to rate all the great abstracts sent in. There were actually no bad abstracts. After adding up all the rates of my co-raters (is that even English?) we had to decide to let some great abstracts go. Hopefully they will get resubmitted for next year’s conference and will get improved even more.

After deciding which abstracts get a slot at the conference comes the really hard part, personally that is—deciding which sessions to attend. With all the great sessions there are bound to be some clashes. I’m going to have to decide which sessions to see within the database track but the decisions will be even more difficult with the other great sessions taking place in the Developer’s Toolbox and APEX tracks. Will be a hard nut to crack to decide which sessions to attend, but the great thing is: I get to spend almost a week with my friends and great developers from around the globe. You may even decide to attend my session: Can Collections Speed Up Your PL/SQL?

Hope to see you in New Orleans at Kscope13! 

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