Why Are You Going to #Kscope13: A Big Easy Answer to a Tough Little Question

Recently I was asked by a colleague, “Why do you go to that ODTUG conference instead of any of the other Oracle conferences?” I said, “That’s easy.” The reason I choose ODTUG’s Kscope13 conference as the one conference I can attend this year, is the people. There is a personality to every conference that is a combination of the attendees, the presenters, the organizers, the staff, and the location. Over the years, I have found the personality of the Kscope conferences to be consistently more enjoyable than any of the other conferences I have attended.

Yes indeed, the people make the conference. And at Kscope you will find some of the smartest and most influential people in the industry. A conference for developers with presentations by developers; people who actually use the products you use, or create the products that you use, or write the books about the products you use. The best and brightest from around the world presenting over 300 technical sessions on the many facets of Oracle-related development. From core principles such as designing superior software, to the core of the database engine, to Oracle’s web development methodologies; APEX and ADF. But that’s just the beginning. Additionally there is a plethora of sessions on Oracle Business Intelligence product suite, as well as top to bottom coverage of use and development for the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management products.

So, I have to admit that while people make the conference, it’s the content that makes the conference the remarkable educational experience that it is. It’s an interesting situation when you are attending a session that is also being attended by some of the more shining stars of our geeky little galaxy. And even better is being able to talk with these people between sessions or maybe afterwards at the bar. I have been a part of, and witness to, many of these “meetings of the mind.” And it’s not just the presenters and product managers that are willing to talk and exchange ideas. The place is just crawling with smart IT professionals that have faced the same issues you are facing, and perhaps solved them in ways that you may not have thought of. If there is one place that Kscope excels (and there are many), it is in creating an atmosphere that is highly conducive to networking. Personally I have met many people through Kscope that I have called on in a professional capacity. Experts that I would never have known were so helpful and approachable had it not been for this conference.

While I still contend that it is the people that make the conference, and the content that makes the conference educational, it’s the ability to meet and exchange ideas with such a wide variety of individuals from around the world, that make the conference the deeply rewarding experience that it is. This is especially true when that conference is being held in the remarkable city of New Orleans.

So, the next time I am asked why I choose to attend Kscope, I’ll keep my answer simple: “Location, location, location.”

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