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Keeping a 'Road from ODTUG' Conversion Experience
from Becoming a 'Bumpy Road to Groovy Existence'
William Hodges, The Hackett Group

“Wouldn't it be nice if I could find ‘the one’?” Haven't we all said this at one time or another? Having been struck off his PowerShell horse on the way back from ODTUG by an Aultman bolt of lightning, a certain Essbase developer went into seclusion. There, he reflected on what had just happened, saw the light, rejected his automating ways, and set out on a new mission. Against all kinds of opposition and logistical roadblocks, he championed the conversion of a large collection of automation scripts from a Windows platform to a Linux platform, from CMD, esscmd, MaxL, VBScript, and PowerShell to Groovy. This is his story.

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