Jim Czuprynski Named Database Community Lead

JSC_ACED_2.jpgThe ODTUG Board of Directors is pleased to introduce ACE D.pngJim Czuprynski as the new Database Community lead. With nearly four decades of experience in information technology, Jim brings an incredible foundation of knowledge and a passion for education to the role. The Database Community will benefit not only from the depth and breadth of the technical expertise Jim provides, but also from his ability to unite those around him.

Over the years, Jim has served in diverse roles at several Fortune 1000 companies. Since becoming an Oracle DBA in 2001, he has become a sought-after speaker, presenting on Oracle Database technology features at conferences such as Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG COLLABORATE, ODTUG Kscope, Oracle Development Community tours, and Oracle User Groups all over the world. 

When asked about taking on this new role, Jim is enthusiastic about looking toward the future. “I am honored to take on the role of Database Community Lead for ODTUG. I’ve always considered myself a ‘DBA’s DBA.’ I’m planning to leverage that DBA-centric viewpoint as we gather articulate, relevant content for the role today while looking at trends in Oracle technology—especially Big Data, Cloud, and Autonomous Database—that are forcing us to transform ourselves yet again. It’s going to be an interesting journey, so jump on, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride!”

As the co-author of four books on Oracle technology and with more than 100 articles to his name since 2003, Jim is a preeminent voice in the community. ODTUG will be featuring his technical content, including articles, blogs, white papers, and more on the Database Community page. The first of these, “Autonomous Database and Changing Expectations for DBAs: When Your Ship Comes In, Will You Be Waiting at the Train Station?” explores some of the latest advances. “The Oracle DBA role has always been fluid, but never more so than today,” Jim says. “The onset of Autonomous Database technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) has accelerated the rate of change dramatically in the past two years. What may appear as a threat to job security actually promises assistance for a busy yet savvy DBA to focus on what they are best at: helping teams build better systems from the ground up. This article takes a look at those technologies and their promise in practical terms, as well as the shift in mindset that’s required to leverage these tools as force multipliers.”

Like many in the organization, ODTUG President Natalie Delemar is excited at the prospect of Jim stepping into this leadership role. “I can’t overstate what a boost this will give our Database Community,” she says. “Jim is not only an authority on Oracle technology, he is a great advocate and a thoughtful leader. I look forward to working with him.”

ODTUG Board member Karen Cannell also believes Jim will be a valuable presence for the Database Community. “Jim, an ACE Director, is a long-time Oracle database expert specializing in legacy databases, as well as strategy and direction for Oracle Autonomous DB and database development technologies,” she says. “With boundless energy and a positive outlook on life, Jim consistently generates on-point ideas on how to transition legacy DBA users into the world of Autonomous and Cloud technologies. I look forward to helping him infuse our Database Community with his knowledge, foresight, and energy.”

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