Impactful Forecasting Point of Views for Oracle EPM Cloud
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Title: Impactful Forecasting Point of Views for Oracle EPM Cloud
Group: ODTUG
Owner: Brittany Butler [Your Conference Connection]
Start: May 24, 2023 12:00 PM America/Eastern
End: May 24, 2023 01:00 PM America/Eastern
Description: Presented by Vastal Gaonkar, PwC

Often times corporate performance management planning is tasked with carrying the burden of being accurate while in reality policies, procedures and people of the organization drive the accuracy of these very forecasts. Therefore, it becomes important to start with strong foundational forecasting elements such as point of views, design, and product features to create optimal solutions to business challenges.

With varied industry experience, the presenter will discuss when and how to use the EPM Cloud platform innovation and features for the following point of views (POVs):

Projects Planning - when to create a project, and where and what should be done if a project management and accounting technology is part of the solution?

Target planning - when and where to conduct target planning? Should it be a purpose built solution in a plan type or should one use strategic modeling goal seek?

Revenue forecasting - what is the POV to revenue forecasting in today's world?

Workforce planning - is it really necessary to plan by "butts in the seat"? If yes when?

Capital planning - what is the POV on when and how to conduct capital planning across industries?

Auto Predict - when is it appropriate to use in-built predictive modeling features? Non-variable lines of planning make sense, but what other lines in a P&L would make sense?

IPM Insights - when is it beneficial to know whether there are biases and anomalies in your models and data?
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