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THURSDAY DEEP DIVE: What Would Happen if I Did ... in Hyperion Financial Management
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Christopher Barbieri
Date: 2014-07-10
Subtopic: Best Practices

In this third installment of the "What Would Happen..." series, Chris Barbieri takes a Mythusters approach to explain what would happen if I...
- Changed the Org By Period flag on an existing application
- Added a dimension or two - what happens to rules and reports?
- Added years to an application?
- Changed an account's Line Item Detail flag?
- Removed the Allow Adjs flag on an entity?
- Changed the alias on a custom dimension?

The central theme for this session is how to set up and test each situation, and also observe the application and database changes associated with each. The outcome will provide you with a much deeper understanding of how HFM actually works.

Download File   cbarbieri.What Would Happen if I Did part 3.pdf
Download File   jberry.WhatWould.pdf

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