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Converting MapReduce to SQL Using Parallel Query
Topic: Kscope13 Recordings
Owner: Dominic Delmolino
Date: 2013-05-27
Subtopic: The Database

While it is relatively trivial to both convert MapReduce code into pipelined PL/SQL functions and (in 12c) even run Java-based MapReduce code inside the Oracle database, one can often do better by converting MapReduce algorithms into basic SQL statements which leverage the Parallel Query processes. In this session, we'll cover the fundamentals of the MapReduce implementation primitives and how they map to straightforward SQL commands. The attendee will benefit by learing how to seamlessly adapt in combined Oracle / Hadoop environments where workload can be moved between Oracle and Hadoop.

Download File   Delmolino-SQLMapReduce.pdf
Download File   Rhythms I Session 05.mp4

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