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Getting the Most Out of Your ADF Application - Integrating ADF with SOA
Topic: ADF and Fusion Development
Owner: Lynn Munsinger
Date: 2013-05-28
Subtopic: Solutions

ADF is Oracle's next generation framework to build powerful enterprise applications. This session will teach you how to best leverage this rich framework in your BPM/SOA application. The session will rely on demonstrations to illustrate integration hook points so that you'll understand how to extend the usefulness of your organization's ADF applications, and how to customize BPM task forms to fit your organization's needs.

This was a very popular session at OOW, with over 200 pre-registered attendees. Unfortunately it was scheduled at 7pm so suffered a lack of attendance. But we know this is sought-after information in the Oracle community as organizations are starting to grow and integrate their applications. This session can be very deep technically to cover reuse of ADF business components as web services which are then utilized in BPM processes, as well as showing how BPM human task flow developers can customize or build custom UIs for task forms. Another spin on this session could be more of an explanation of these techniques, rather than showing the implementation details per se.

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