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Advanced Responsive Design in APEX
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Dimitri Gielis
Date: 2013-05-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

In this presentation we will only briefly recapture why you want to use Responsive Design and how to do it. Most of our time will be spent on the problem with Responsive Design that continues when used for mobile devices: the browser still to loads all the excess weight that is not required or necessary.

So the industry came up with "RESS" or "Responsive Design + Server Side components", which we will take a closer look at in combination with APEX. We will also go deeper in how to detect if the rendering device or browser is able to use certain features and what to do when they are not able to use them.

This is the 4th talk in a 4 part series on responsive design in APEX.

Download File   dgielis.advancedrwd.pdf

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