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A Spotlight on the Smaller Improvements of APEX 4.2
Topic: Application Express
Owner: Dietmar Aust
Date: 2013-06-24
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

APEX 4.2 is once again an important major release. The marquee features are mobile applications, support for HTML5, Packaged Applications and RESTful Web Services. These features are talked about a lot. But aside from that there are once again so many useful improvements to the APEX engine worth talking about.

These features include read-only attributes at page and region level, shared session state across applications, debug api improvements, better javascript ajax functions, improvements to interactive reports, websheets, dynamic actions and plug-ins.

With each release so many little productivity boosting features are added to APEX which are really useful and improve the day-to-day routine of a developer significantly. I will cover the most important "little" new features with real world examples and show how to use them.

Download File   2013-06-23-ODTUG-APEX-4.2-New-Features.pdf

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