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Everything You Know About Essbase Optimization is Incomplete, Outdated, or Just Plain Wrong
Topic: Essbase
Owner: Edward Roske
Date: 2013-08-02
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Hourglass configurations, optimal block sizes, dense/sparse configurations, correct cache settings, FIX vs. IF, all those things you learned in Essbase Bootcamp, read in the Database Administrator's Guide, heard Edward Roske preach, or learned at conferences... were created years and years ago. They were designed for 32-bit hardware under old versions of Essbase and sadly, no one has ever gone back and corrected them UNTIL NOW. In this session, we'll retest every optimization tip you know as gospel, and show what they should be under modern versions of Essbase running on high-end hardware. If you want to learn the top 10 things that will shock you that you're doing wrong, don't miss this session. It may blow your mind, but it will be the most valuable session you ever attend on Essbase BSO optimization as we debunk everything you thought you knew.

Download File   KSCOPE 13 - Everything You Know About Essbase Optimization Is Incomplete.pdf

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