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Advanced Essbase Java API Tips and Tricks
Topic: Essbase
Owner: Tim Tow
Date: 2012-10-15
Subtopic: Tips and Techniques

Essbase is a key component in the Oracle Fusion Applications strategy. As the Oracle Fusion Applications are written in Java, it is clear the Essbase Java API plays an important role in Oracle’s future. Attend this session and learn Essbase Java API tips and tricks from one of the world’s experts in the Essbase Java API. The session will cover some of the common issues developers encounter when writing Java API applications, as well as tips on how to build and maintain dependable software that utilizes Essbase.

Note to reviewers: This session is aimed at those who have used the Essbase Java API and will cover not only advanced topics in the API, but will also cover best practices for building software targeting Essbase using Java including source code control and building software targeting multiple versions of Essbase.

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