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What Are Your Oracle Hyperion Users Doing? Open the Black Box to Enjoy Peak Hyperion Performance
Topic: Financial Close
Owner: Jonathan Berry
Date: 2013-06-25
Subtopic: Vendor Presentation

Hyperion Users deserve peak performance to do their jobs. Understanding exactly what your users are doing, how your system is performing, and having correlations between all of the moving parts is the key to delivering this performance. Accelatis Ascension Suite is the premier Oracle Hyperion Toolkit for Finance and IT Administrators. In this session we’ll discuss challenges that are common to Hyperion Administrators and how Accelatis addresses them proactively and effectively.

Learning Objective #1: Learn how user behavior can impact your performance
Learning Objective #2: Demonstrate how you can correlate User Activity with other metrics to understand and improve your system behavior
Learning Objective #3: See firsthand how others are gaining insight into system performance

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