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GoldenGate and ODI - A Perfect Match for Real-Time Data Warehousing
Topic: Business Intelligence
Owner: Michael Rainey
Date: 2013-05-28
Subtopic: Solutions

Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate excel as standalone products, but paired together they are the perfect match for real-time data warehousing. Following Oracle’s Next Generation Reference Data Warehouse Architecture, this discussion will provide best practices on how to configure, implement, and process data in real-time using ODI and GoldenGate. Attendees will see common real-time challenges solved, including parent-child relationships within micro-batch ETL.

The following key objectives will be the focus of the presentation:
1. Explain how Oracle products such as ODI and GoldenGate are used in implementing the Oracle Next Generation Reference DW Architecture.
2. Describe and demonstrate how to configure GoldenGate for replication to the data warehouse staging and foundation layer schemas.
3. Recommend best practices for developing real-time ETL against Oracle Data Integrator CDC tables.

Download File   MRainey.GoldenGateandODI.pdf
Download File   Goldengate.rainey-1.m4v

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