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Design Modernization Case Study: Applying Mobile App Design Principles to the UTOUG Website
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2018-04-25

Peter Koletzke

Cellphone app design has raised the bar for the design of modern business applications. Modern computer application users are accustomed to the fast and intuitive user interfaces offered by the apps available on mobile devices. This presentation will explain the principles of modern user interface design and the standards for those principles available as Oracle Alta UI. These principles and standards can be applied to applications created with any popular development tool, such as APEX, JET, MAF, MAX, VBCS, JavaScript, Java, ADF, or even Oracle Forms. The session will show examples of these principles in the context of pages available on the UTOUG website as well as other websites, and will demonstrate the benefits of a modernized design that can accommodate mobile devices. In addition, it makes suggestions for how device features can play a role in many business applications. The session will close by outlining the resources available for next steps and further study of user interface design.

Download File   Applying Mobile App Design Principles to the UTOUG Website P Koletzke.mp4

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