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Discover Why Essbase in Oracle's Analytic Cloud (OAC) is a True Holistic Analytic Solution
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Catherine Summers
Date: 2018-05-16
Subtopic: Analytics

Catherine Summers and Sheetal Kotian, Vertical Edge Consulting Group

Essbase Cloud is now a part of Oracle’s Analytic Cloud (OAC) Suite  This new suite of applications enables analytics and data insights which were not possible in previous versions. Join us as we tour the new Essbase Cloud offering and demonstrate the ease of building a cube from an ERP extract and then visualize the data in Essbase for a true holistic analytic solution.

This easy to follow webinar will give you a good insight into OAC while highlighting the benefits and ease of its functionality. 

Download File   Essbase in Oracle Analytics Cloud is a True Holistic Analytic Solution C Summers S Kotian.mp4

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