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SQL Developer: PL/SQL All The Things
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jeff Smith
Date: 2018-09-26
Subtopic: Development

Jeff SmithOracle Corporation

Code, debug, document, check for SQL injection vulnerabilities. All of the ‘editor's tricks’.

Please note there were some technical issues during this webinar.  Jeff Smith has provided links to some Youtube videos to provide information on the topics that may have lost some audio and/or video portions:

3 Tips for working with PL/SQL in SQL Developer
See very quickly (6 minutes) how to click to object declarations, test/execute SQL, and use the code outline in Oracle SQL Developer when working with PL/SQL.


Debugging PL/SQL with SQL Developer
Quick 2 minute video showing how to open a PL/SQL program in Oracle SQL Developer and debug it, line by line.

Download File   PLSQL All The Things Jeff Smith Oracle Corporation.mp4

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