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From our Friends at EPMware: Metadata Madness!! Goodbye to EPMA & Upgrading to EPM Cloud
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Abhi Nerurkar
Date: 2022-04-13

Presented by Abhi Nerurkar
Managing Director, EPMware

EPMA has finally kicked the bucket with the upgrade to Oracle EPM 11.2.x. It was a good run, but now what? This is a major update to the Oracle Hyperion application suite, and there are a few things you should be thinking about if you are using EPMA.

• What are the options for metadata management after the upgrade to 11.2?
• DRM Lite is free, but how much consulting effort is needed to implement this option?
• Do you have any automated interfaces feeding EPMA, as these are no longer available?
• What will you have to rebuild to get EPMA features back (direct connect, validations)?
• Are you going to the cloud or maintaining a hybrid environment?
• Is there a need for any data governance (review / enrich / approve)?
• What is the long-term metadata management strategy?
• Do I understand the metadata options: DRM Lite, classic application management, EPMware Cloud, or homegrown automated processes?

Join EPMware to understand the considerations that ALL Oracle Hyperion customers should be thinking about as they upgrade to 11.2 or go to the cloud. We’ll review pros / cons, and limitations for each of these solutions to give you a head start in your decision-making process.

Download File   From our Friends at EPMware Metadata Madness Goodbye to EPMA and Upgrading to EPM Cloud.mp4

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