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Reaching out from ADF: Management Information using ADF-DVT, Google Maps, MS Excel, and Oracle Repor
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Luc Bors
Date: 2012-08-28
Subtopic: Development

Luc Bors, AMIS Services

Usually applications serve purposes such as data entry and process support. Another purpose is to provide management information. In your ADF 11g application you can use Oracle ADF Data Visualization Tools (ADF-DVT) but there are also other options that are not necessarily part of the ADF Framework. 

This session gives an overview of your possibilities and will answer the following questions:  

-How to integrate ADF-DVT graphs in your application and how to make them interactive for your business users?  

-How to use ADF-DVT maps in your application and how to interact with Google maps?  -How to interact with Excel? 

-How to add reporting to your application and can you protect your investment in Oracle Reports? 

-You will learn how to use ADF to provide management information and how to interact with third party tools to add extra functionality to your ADF Application.


Download File   LBors_2011-09-20.wmv

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