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Oracle Analytics Path to Certification Part 3- Modern Data Visualization with Oracle Analytics Cloud
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Brittany Butler
Date: 2023-03-17

Presented by: Avinash Krishnaram, Oracle Corporation
The main purpose of the webinar series is to prepare participants for the Oracle Analytics certification. It would be great if the session can provide an overview of DV as well as a focus on the Oracle Analytics certification exam topics:

What will you learn in this session:
• Essentials of data visualization
• Advanced visualization features
• Augmented Analytics
• Data Story telling
• Explain OAC 'best visualization' for a data set
• Describe brushing and its benefits
• Create a flexible layout of multiple visualizations to present data as a story
• Use OAC to present your data as a story
• Import a custom visualization plugin
• Use Search and BI Ask.
• Use Map Layers & Map Backgrounds

Download File   Oracle Analytics Path to Certification Part 3.mp4

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