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Oracle BI & Mobility: Where Are We Now?
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Kevin McGinley
Date: 2012-09-18
Subtopic: Analytics

Kevin McGinley, Accenture 

Oracle recently released the V2 version of their BI Mobile application which takes much better advantage of the iPad and improves the user experience.  Other 3rd-party vendors have updated their applications to push innovation in the mobile BI space.  This webinar will assess how things have progressed in mobile access for Oracle BI, take a deep-dive look at the pros/cons of Oracle's V2 mobile application offering, and explore some innovative offerings from 3rd-party vendors.  A live iPad will be used during the webinar to get the full effect of the demonstrations.


Download File   ODTUG12_MobileBI.pdf
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Download File   2012-09-19 12.00 Oracle BI & Mobility_ Where Are We Now_ Kevin McGinley, Accenture.wmv

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