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Debugging Your PL/SQL with Oracle SQL Developer
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Jeffrey Smith
Date: 2013-12-17
Subtopic: Development

Can’t wait for the holidays? Then here is a gift that keeps on giving. After spending one hour with SQL Developer, you’ll see how easy it is to step through your PL/SQL code, line-by-line. But wait, you say, DBMS_OUTPUT does everything I need! Maybe it does, but doesn’t every developer enjoy a few more toys to play with? Debugging allows you to interact with the execution environment—change up variable values, inspect collections, and see the call stack/execution path actively progress.

And did you know you can start a debug session from OUTSIDE SQL Developer? If you attend this session, you’ll know how to debug straight from SQL*Plus, Eclipse, Visual Studio, or anywhere else you’re developing your Oracle programs and scripts.

Download File   JSmithDec17-2013 recording.wmv

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