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APEX Applications for Smartphones: Dealing with Limitations
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Dick Dral
Date: 2014-10-03
Subtopic: Application Express

Dick Dral, Detora

When designing (web) applications for smartphones, the designer is confronted with a number of limitations. The screen is small, the keyboard is not easy to use, and the available bandwidth is often limited. The use of JQuery Mobile and the mobile theme in APEX 4.2 only partly addresses these limitations. This presentation will touch on a number of possibilities to deal with the limitations mentioned previously in order to create a useable smartphone application with APEX.

The subjects of the presentation are:

  • Designing a smartphone application
  • Using a special smartphone template for APEX
  • Using HTML5 itemtypes
  • Using special itemtypes for touch input, including an entirely new type for time input
  • Using repetition and prediction
  • Using alternative input methods such as location, voice, and image
  • Creating a single page application using APEX All subjects will accompanied by demonstrations

Download File   APEX Applications for Smartphones_ Dealing with Limitations.wmv

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