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Oracle BI (OBIEE) Source Control and Continuous Integration
Topic: Webinars
Owner: Christian Screen
Date: 2015-01-22
Subtopic: Analytics

Christian Screen, Art of BI

Oracle BI (OBIEE) at its core is an application that requires a development process to achieve business value for analytics. This process is similar to other software development frameworks and libraries. Many OBIEE customers face questions about understanding how to evolve their OBIEE development to align with corporate development standards such as source control, multiuser development, and faster development and testing iterations. This webinar will surface key questions asked by OBIEE developers and OBIEE administrators relating to how we can make OBIEE development better, faster, and aligned with corporate standards. Key discussions will express real-world solutions for multiuser development options, using source control for OBIEE, and leveraging continuous integration, all of which will increase the performance of your OBIEE development team to execute project goals, provide more frequent deployments, and align with corporate standards for software development.


Download File   OBIEE Source Control and Continuous Integration CScreen Art of BI.wmv

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