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Blockchain? What is Blockchain? Why Do I care?
Topic: Webinars
Owner: John Jay King
Date: 2017-12-07

John King,  King Training Resources

As our industry's digital transformation continues, current methods for handling transactions, contracts, records, and other data are not keeping up. "Blockchain" technology may be the key to modernizing and protecting transactions. Blockchain provides an open, distributed ledger updateable only by consensus of involved parties. The ability to efficiently store transactions in a way that can be verified makes Blockchain attractive in any industry where data and value are in motion. Blockchain is most commonly thought of as the mechanism enabling the Bitcoin and Ethereum digital currencies, but its most useful place may well be in securing IoT input, medical records, contracts, transactions, and other data transmissions.

Attendees to this session will learn the basics of Blockchain, how it is currently used, and where organizations are exploring its use in the future. We will discuss the security aspects (and issues) of Blockchain technology. Topics discussed will include: distributed data shared by all parties, peer-to-peer transmission eliminating need for centralized nodes, transparency, irreversibility of record changes, and use of computational logic to govern transactions between nodes.

Come learn how Blockchain might be incorporated into your organization's existing and future system.

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