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Offline APEX for everyone with Plug-Ins and SQLite

Offline APEX for everyone with Plug-Ins and SQLite

Learn low-code offline approach utilizing open-source plugins

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT)

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Most A few years ago, APEX was only usable on big screens. Thanks to Universal Theme and optimized Components we can now give mobile users a great experience. With the introduction of PWAs in APEX, the next challenge is to let users read and manipulate data on the go, even if there is no internet connection. Out of the box, the APEX PWA feature unfortunately only makes static content work properly offline.  Although there are solutions for offline data modifications that can be synced later, they require heavy custom code alterations, straying from APEX's low-code philosophy. In this talk, showcase a low-code approach utilizing open-source plugins, which need minimal configuration to enable offline capabilities in any app. Additionally, I would like to discuss design decisions like why I think an offline-first approach makes sense and how the client stores the data. I will also go into technical backgrounds like why SQLite is suitable for this task, how to handle conflicting changes and how scalability is

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Brittany Butler
Project Manager YCC (843)742-2933