Can't Rest with REST – There are Just Too Many Possibilities!

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Presented by: Biren Singh

Do you need a simplified business process offering streamlined data access and flexible functionalities with desired error trapping and notification? REST API enables it all! Are you looking forward to building a data-integrated business process flexible enough to check process status and send notifications of what and how something failed with logs? With REST API, the answer is YES; you can achieve it!

With reasonable time and scripting effort? YES, it can be done. YES, I can't rest with excitement, but you can now relax with REST! With a few simple programming skills and a short timeline, you can have a scalable and automated solution at your fingertips! In this presentation, we'll introduce you to REST API, discuss basic Python programming constructs, and review tips and tricks on error trappings and notification possibilities.

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Introduction and benefits of REST API
2. Basic scripting construct (using Python)
3. Error trapping and notifications
4. Creative solution for better integration