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Oracle Developer & Technology User Group #Hashtags

With Twitter, a little birdie can tell you a lot. Right now, Twitter is a buzz with tweets about ODTUG Kscope23 content and speakers. Jump into the conversation by using content-specific hashtags. The APEX folks blazed the trail using the hashtag #OrclAPEX. Not to be outdone, other tracks are taking advantage of their own hashtags, like #OrclEPM, #OracleAnalytics, and #OrclDB.

When tweeting about #Kscope23, take advantage of these hashtags! These hashtags make sure your voice is heard by other users who are just as excited about Oracle Developer & Technology User Group's Kscope23. Click the links below to see what people are saying about each topic.

Apex: #OrclAPEX
Analytics: #OracleAnalytics
Database: #OrclDB

This community of users is also a great resource to answer any and all of your questions. Just use the hashtag #OrclHelp.

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow @ODTUG to keep up with the latest Oracle Developer & Technology User Group Kscope updates!