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It’s that time of year again, time to vote for the ODTUG Board. Articles IV and VI of the ODTUG Bylaws call for an election of four (4) members to the 2015-2016 Board of Directors. Voting opens on October 7, 2014, and ends on October 28, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. (PDT). Vote Now

This year, we have twenty-two (22) candidates to choose from for four (4) positions. Be sure to read all the campaign statements and biographies of the candidates to learn about their passion and drive for ODTUG.

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Get to know the candidates by checking out how they answered a few pre-election questions here.

Ron Backmann Danny Bryant
Stewart Bryson
Karen Cannell
Gary Crisci
Amy Del Rosario
Erica Harris  Roel Hartman
Eric Helmer Jeff Henkel Jerry Ireland Andrew Jorgensen
John King   Cameron Lackpour  Juan Porter Bambi Price
  Sridhar Rangaswamy Mike Riley  Len Romano  Bert Scalzo
Tim Tow Sarah Zumbrum  

Ron Backmann, Humana
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Campaign Statement

During the past seven years, I have been a consumer of what ODTUG has to offer; now I wish to help to continue the growth of this community. This community has embraced me and allowed me to make many valuable friends and foster relationships with several people I never would have met otherwise. 

Over the next two years, I hope to bring my perspective to the Board and work closely to continue the growth  it has overseen for the past several years. I have a vision of a more integrated ODTUG experience. With my background and career inside a large organization, I have a perspective that would lend some value to the Board.

When elected, I understand the demands will be many but I am up to the task and am ready to volunteer my time to an organization that has embraced me and shown me its good will.  Please consider a vote for Ron Backmann.
Thank you for your time!

Biographical Statement

Ron has been an ODTUG member since 2005. He has been with Humana Inc. for 18 years, the last several as an Information Management Manager/Enterprise Technical Architect. During this time at Humana Inc., Ron has been exposed to Oracle APEX and the ODTUG community.

Supplying information support and prototyping solutions for later integration into corporate systems is what Ron and his team do. With the help of the ODTUG community and the toolset that Ron learned about at ODTUG, he has been able to take part in building a division with Humana Inc. that has grown from 150 associates in 2007 to almost 7,000 by the end of 2014. The growth of this organization is helping our aging population age more gracefully and bend the cost curve for Humana Inc.

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Danny Bryant, City of Atlanta
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Campaign Statement

Greetings, ODTUG! I am seeking your support to represent you on the ODTUG Board of Directors. Over the past three years as a member of ODTUG, I have met many of you while working to promote the organization through advocacy within the Oracle community. My dedication to ODTUG is demonstrated through my increasing involvement:

1. Ambassador (2012, 2013)
2. Speaker (2014)
3. Content Reviewer (2014)
4. Committee Member (2014, 2015)

An advocate in the greater Oracle community, I want to work toward bringing more public sector organizations into the ODTUG community.  To that end, I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Oracle User Group and have relationships with many of the local governments and businesses in the Atlanta area.

As a former adjunct instructor for the Oracle Academy, I believe in the ODTUG mission to "...keep you on the cutting edge of the constantly changing technology landscape." 

I am a strong believer in the ODTUG community and its goals.  I am asking for your support and vote that I may continue to serve you and together, continue to grow our user group.

Biographical Statement

One of the first Oracle ACE Associates, after graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in computer science, Danny  began his professional career as a network engineer with Lockheed. Danny used the next 17 years to build a wealth of experience across the IT landscape as a systems administrator for Atlanta Life Insurance Company and a senior consulting engineer with Andersen LLP in its Business Consulting Group. One of the most interesting highlights of Danny's career was the opportunity to teach SQL and data modeling in Europe for the Oracle Academy. Danny is currently a senior IT Manager with the City of Atlanta, where he leads a team of developers in supporting the city's Oracle footprint. These systems include EBS, OBIEE, Taleo, and Hyperion. He is also working toward technical certifications in Database and Linux administration.

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Stewart Bryson,  Red Pill Analytics
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Campaign Statement

I am an Oracle ACE Director and have spoken at Kscope for the past six years, been on the Content Committee for the BI track for the past four years, and chaired that committee for Kscope 2014. The initial momentum for my involvement with content selection was to increase the presence of BI and Analytics within ODTUG in general, and that is still a driving factor for me to run for the board. That, and my promise to put vending machines in the cafeteria.

In my career, I have worked as a DBA, a PL/SQL developer, an APEX developer, and an ETL developer, using all generations of Oracle’s tools for this. I’ve worked extensively with Fusion Middleware, and of course, continue as a key contributor to the Oracle BI and EPM communities, being recognized perhaps globally as an expert on integrating these two areas. I hold strong connections in all these product lines, both internal to Oracle and in the community at large, and can provide a holistic view over the multiple technology tracks.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have vast experience in managing finances and in delegating authority. Every day I work with companies to help them drive insight from information, making tough decisions easier through the use of data. I want to bring those same innovations to ODTUG and transform us into a data-driven organization. I ask for your vote so I can make these ideas a reality…and to finally get vending machines in the cafeteria.

Biographical Statement

Stewart is the owner and co-founder of Red Pill Analytics, and has been designing and implementing BI systems since 1996. He is an Oracle ACE Director, an internationally recognized writer and speaker in the Oracle Community, and co-host for the video podcast "Real-Time BI with Kevin & Stewart."

He founded Transcendent Data, Inc. in 2004 to build a consulting practice around his considerable knowledge of best practices and Oracle BI and DW products. In 2008, he joined Rittman Mead consulting as the US CEO and later as the global Chief Innovation Officer. In 2014, along with Kevin McGinley, Stewart founded Red Pill Analytics with the desire to effect a paradigm shift in Oracle BI and DI delivery.

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 Karen Cannell, TH Technology
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Karen-Cannell.jpg Campaign Statement

I seek your vote for the ODTUG Board of Directors so I may contribute to promoting ODTUG as the center of excellence for Oracle developers.

You may know me as the pants-on-the-ground person from our Long Beach Kscope. You may know me as the Technical Journal editor, constantly nagging for articles promoting our columnists. You may recognize my book reviews, white papers, blogs, or presentations. Actually, I’m just another developer who needs to keep up with the ever-changing field of Oracle tools. I thrive on learning, applying new techniques, and sharing practical how-to. In my experience, ODTUG is by far the best, most cost-effective mode of learning for Oracle developers. As a board member, I will endeavor to ensure ODTUG is always there to support Oracle developers, novice to expert.

I have served ODTUG as conference reviewer, book review author, senior technical editor, and editor of the Technical Journal since 2008. I was honored as Volunteer of the Year in 2013.
I have witnessed the transition from white-paper, classroom learning to blogs, webinars, and social media.  ODTUG must embrace this change by improving how we attract our experts and upgrading how we share their knowledge.

I originally joined ODTUG to learn. I originally volunteered to give back. I continue to volunteer to keep up with the latest Oracle technology. I am running for the Board of Directors to ensure the ODTUG flow of knowledge continues in the most practical manner possible

Thank you, and happy coding.

Biographical Statement

Karen is president of TH Technology, a consulting firm providing Oracle technology services, lately focused on Application Express. A mechanical engineer by degree (one of them), she has analyzed, designed, developed, converted, upgraded, enhanced, and otherwise implemented legacy and commercial database applications for over 25 years, concentrating on Oracle technologies since 1994. She has worked with Application Express since its Web DB and HTMLDB beginnings and continues to leverage the Oracle suite of tools to build quality web applications for clients in government, medical, and engineering industries. Karen is editor of the ODTUG Technical Journal and co-author of "Agile Oracle Application Express" and "Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.2."

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Gary Crisci, General Electric
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Campaign Statement
I have been involved with ODTUG since June 2008. That year I knew ODTUG was special, and my career has never been the same as a result of my involvement. I would like to continue giving back by becoming a member of the ODTUG BOD.

I've had amazing opportunities working with ODTUG. I was the president of the ODTUG Hyperion SIG and Vendor Lead for Kscope12/13, and this year I am the Business Content Lead. In the years I have been involved with ODTUG, I've tried to promote the growth and well-being of the organization. I was instrumental as president of the Hyperion SIG in driving content expansion, and I was a strong contributor to building out vendor participation. I've worked closely with ODTUG, I understand what the organization stands for and how it operates, and I am certain I can be a significant contributor to the board.

As a board member I will:

  • Dedicate myself to making sure the organization stays focused on users and provides an exceptional experience and level of service to each member
  • I will promote the EPM community tirelessly, but not at the expense of other Oracle technology tracks. I believe there is room for everyone, and we can continue to grow the breadth and scope of the technology areas we focus on
  • I will ensure ODTUG remains the premier provider of in-depth Oracle content

Please vote for me to become a member of the ODTUG Board of Directors.

Thank you.

Biographical Statement

Gary is an Oracle ACE with over 15 years of finance experience specializing in Oracle Hyperion Solutions software. He is a noted expert in the Oracle EPM field, has spoken at numerous Kscope conferences, and is a co-author of "Developing Essbase Applications." Gary will also be a presenter at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld conference. 

During his career, Gary has held various positions as a consultant and industry professional, working for top-tier companies such as Siemens, Morgan Stanley, and General Electric. He is the former president of the ODTUG Hyperion SIG, and he was on the conference committee for Kscope12 and Kscope13. Gary has an MBA in information systems. His current role is Senior Hyperion Architect -- Data Relationship Management for General Electric Corporation in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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Amy Del Rosario, ADR Analytics
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Campaign Statement

I greatly enjoy being a volunteer for ODTUG, and I am committed to serving the members of this outstanding community. While my volunteer experience only began in 2013, I have been a HUGE fan of ODTUG since Kscope08.  Last year, as a member of the ODTUG Hyperion SIG Board of Directors, involvement became somewhat of an addiction. I won’t claim to be the smartest or most experienced candidate, but I am a supportive member of the community, I care deeply for its members, and I am willing to work extra hard. In everything I do, I strive to build bridges that bring people together. Some of the items that I am working on include:

  • Continue to support “Kickoff to Kscope” events in the Pacific NW to keep people engaged throughout the year
  • Identify more opportunities for people who want to volunteer but don’t have the flexibility to make a long-term volunteer commitment
  • Increase awareness of current practices aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling

I describe ODTUG as "a complex society uniting members and member groups that are not only committed to the dissemination of cutting-edge technological information but also fostering special-interest communities where business partnerships are formed, friendships are forged, information flows freely, and member feedback can affect the course of the future." I whole-heartedly believe in ODTUG, and I would joyfully embrace the opportunity to be your representative on the ODTUG Board of Directors.

Biographical Statement

Amy is an independent Oracle Hyperion Planning/Essbase consulting specialist focused on building bridges among people, ideas and technology. She has over 17 years of experience in the areas of accounting, finance, and information technology, and has provided both internal and external Hyperion support to companies since 2002. While she is based out of Seattle, Amy’s projects take her from coast to coast, and she eagerly embraces any opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people.

Amy is steadily becoming a more active member in the Oracle community. Her involvements include:

  • ODTUG Hyperion SIG Board of Directors 2013-2014
  • ODTUG Essbase abstract review committee 2013-2014
  • ODTUG Kscope14 Seattle Street Team
  • ODTUG “Countdown to Kscope14” (Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • OAUG speaker at Collaborate 2014
  • Represent ODTUG as a speaker at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 – EPM track

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Erica Harris, Waikato Regional Council
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Erica-Harris.jpg Campaign Statement

With many years of experience on the NZOUG Committee, organizing the NZOUG conference, and recent involvement on the ODTUG Marketing Committee, I believe I have the skills to be an efffective member of the ODTUG Board. Those skills are further enhanced by my participation in the 2014 ODTUG Leadership Program.

The Newcomers’ Community initiative highlights my approach to both my professional and volunteer activities — solutions should be simple, effective and easily administered. In other words, solutions must be sustainable.

ODTUG is a vibrant, enthusiastic, welcoming community. I would very much value being able to contribute to its continuing success and assist Bambi Price in expanding ODTUG’s presence in Asia Pacific.

Biographical Statement

Erica is the Senior Oracle DBA at Waikato Regional Council, a local government organization in New Zealand. She has been working with Oracle technologies since 1996.

She is a self-avowed geek with expertise in:

  • Oracle Database Management
  • SQL and PL/SQL
  • Application Express
  • Oracle EPM Infrastructure Management
  • Hyperion Interactive Reporting

Erica’s day-to-day reponsibilities include:

  • Complex data fixes
  • SQL and database performance tuning
  • Implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Application Express application modifications and life-cycle management
  • Report development

Erica has been a member of the Oracle community since 1998, when she joined the committee for the newly formed NZOUG. Her involvement includes:

  • Secretary of NZOUG from 2007 to 2012
  • Sponsorship Coordinator for the NZOUG Conference from 2007
  • Member of ODTUG since early 2013
  • Member of ODTUG Marketing Committee since 2013
  • Member of the ODTUG Newcomers’ Community subcommittee

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Roel Hartman, APEX Consulting
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Campaign Statement

My focus for ODTUG will be global. Currently, all the members in the Board are based in North America; from North America, it is not always that easy to reach out to (potential) members in Europe and Asia, simply because of a difference in language, culture, and time zone.

I think ODTUG should expand its presence towards Europe and Asia and act more like a global user group, so my goal is to have more ODTUG conferences across Europe and Asia. And because of my network - especially in Europe - I have access to the leaders of the local user groups. And we need those local user groups to make these events a (joint) success.

More presence = more members = more ODTUG!

Biographical Statement

Roel is a very experienced Oracle Software Architect. He started a long time ago using Oracle RDBMS 5, Oracle Forms 2.3, RPT/RPF, and Oracle*Case 4.5. For the past few years, he has focused mainly on Oracle Application Express.

Roel has been a speaker on UKOUG, OOW, Collaborate, ODTUG's Kscope, and a number of local Oracle user groups. He acts as the APEX content lead for the Kscope14 and Kscope15 conferences and keeps an APEX-related blog at In June 2009, Roel received an Oracle ACE designation and in August 2010 he was appointed as an Oracle ACE Director. He is a co-writer of "Expert Oracle Application Express" and "Oracle Application Express for Mobile Web Applications" books.

Roel is director at APEX Consulting in The Netherlands.

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Eric Helmer, ADI Strategies
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Campaign Statement
Fellow Oracle users, I seek your support in joining the ODTUG Board of Directors. I have been involved in user group activities for many years – from speaking at the old Hyperion Solutions conferences to participating in local (Dallas) user group meetings and conferences. In  recent years, I have served on the OAUG Hyperion SIG and the ODTUG Hyperion SIG. Through these activities I have:

  • Helped create and arrange local user group meetings/conferences
  • Spoken and given sessions at GIOs such as RMOUG, NorCal, SROUG, DOUG, HugMN, etc.
  • Spoken at major conferences such as Collaborate, Kscope, and OpenWorld for the past five years
  • Facilitated and run SIG meetings at conferences
  • Contributed to newsletters, tech journal articles, and education
  • Conducted numerous webinars on behalf of user group organizations

As an Oracle ACE Director, my proudest achievement was starting the first ODTUG Hyperion SIG infrastructure domain, which brought a much-needed IT/infrastructure presence to the members that resulted in more IT tracks, content, and sessions at conferences and events. I hope to continue to serve in this way by adding content and awareness of the critical IT aspects of EPM as a board member.

These activities have given me a unique insight into not just ODTUG but multiple user groups, small and large, and I feel that experience can help as a board member. I can also attest to the amount of heroic volunteer-based work it takes to make it all happen and welcome that opportunity.

Biographical Statement

Eric is an Oracle ACE Director and one of the nation’s consulting leaders in Oracle Hyperion Business Intelligence Infrastructure services. He is a recognized expert in the area of Hyperion implementations and a champion for the free exchange of information on best IT practices around Oracle solutions. He is well-known in conference attendance circles (Solutions, Collaborate, Kaleidoscope, Oracle OpenWorld, etc.) as well as many Oracle user groups around the nation. He has participated in Hyperion beta code validation, and is a certified graduate of Oracle University (DBA) and a familiar face within corporate finance offices of the Fortune 200 nationwide. He has been dedicated to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions for over 15 years, specializing in the entire EPM/BI Stack of products and all the critical enterprise systems that power it.
Eric is the domain lead for the Oracle Applications Users Group’s (OAUG) Hyperion Special Interest Group (SIG).

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 Jeff Henkel, CheckPoint Consulting
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Jeff-Henkel.jpg Campaign Statement

I am seeking to join the ODTUG Board of Directors as a new member for 2014. In this role, I hope to drive the growth of ODTUG within the greater North American market. I’m interested in joining as a Director with a focus on EPM technologies and emerging technologies and services.

I believe my 15 years of experience as a consultant and manager in the EPM world would bring unique insight into the following areas:

• Designing the goals and scope of technical presentations as they pertain to:

  • Oracle EPM
  • Cloud Services
  • Oracle Exalytics/Exadata
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

• Working to design better documentation and standards around new and emerging technologies

• Leading the creation and development of cutting-edge webinars and presentations around new and emerging technologies

I am also a member of the Kscope EPM Foundations track and am eagerly looking forward to assisting in that process. I hope to continue to advertise the value of ODTUG and Kscope through continued involvement with conferences and our onsite outlets (webinars, blog updates, and social media outlets)

I look forward to joining the ODTUG Board of Directors and appreciate your support of my candidacy.

Biographical Statement

With an educational background in computer networking and management and more than 20 years of IT experience, Jeff has worked in the consulting world at both Hyperion and Oracle in management and consulting roles. He has an extensive functional background in infrastructure design, architecture, installation, and troubleshooting, as well as custom training, and has worked on multiple large Hyperion Suite implementations.

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Jerry Ireland, Rightsizing
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Campaign Statement

I am looking forward to the opportunity to return to the Board after taking a year off to devote more time to a project to develop a software product.

I have been involved with ODTUG since it started in the early 90s and have attended every conference we have ever had. I have served on the board most of those years and have been elected as vice president, treasurer, and conference chair multiple times and am a recipient of the Volunteer of the Year award. I have demonstrated over those years that you can still teach this old dog some new tricks without sacrificing the basic ideas ODTUG has always stood for. The user always comes first.

The Board asked me to be the liaison to the International Oracle User Community. The IOUC summit, an annual meeting of the Oracle user groups around the world, was losing its relevance, and I have always been an advocate for working with other user groups. I was invited by Oracle to be on the advisory committee to help create an agenda for the IOUC Summit. Together with Oracle and the other user group representatives, we were able to create an agenda that met with great enthusiasm from all who attended and leave everyone looking forward to the next summit. This has enhanced my already excellent relationships with Oracle and other user groups that have served ODTUG well in the past and, with your support, I will continue to help ODTUG to grow and improve.

Biographical Statement

Jerry is the co-owner of Rightsizing Inc. He first started working with Oracle as an independent consultant in 1981 and has been working with Oracle development tools ever since. He was an early adopter of Designer’s precursor and CASE, and went on to use Designer to fully generate all forms and reports for large custom development projects, including early E-Business Suite projects and an 18-month-long data warehousing project. Jerry is an Oracle ACE for Application development and has been a frequent speaker at ODTUG, OAUG, RMOUG, and OOW.

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Andrew Jorgensen, Mindstream Analytics
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Campaign Statement

I would like to help ODTUG continue to grow as a community through events, networking, e-learning, and thought leadership in the Oracle technical space.

Biographical Statement

An Oracle ACE, Andy has 25 years in the performance management and analytics space. Formerly CEO of Pinnacle Group Worldwide, an INC 500 Fastest Growing Company, Andy is also the former president of the OAUG Hyperion SIG. He brings organizational leadership and best practices in growing a strong technical community. 

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John King, King Training Resources
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Campaign Statement

Serving on the ODTUG board is a privilege I enjoyed for several years before term limits required me to step down. Please elect me to rejoin ODTUG’s Board of Directors. ODTUG’s future has never been so bright, thanks to forward-thinking past boards. ODTUG and Kscope enjoy unprecedented success each year, and the wide scope of our membership provides more complete perspectives of the Oracle community benefiting all of us. As author of the ODTUG Technical Journal’s “Volunteer Spotlight” column, I have had the chance to interview many of ODTUG’s most active members. A common thread runs through that group: commitment to service. My service to ODTUG and the ODTUG community includes many past achievements. If re-elected to the Board, I will work to make ODTUG even better and further cement ODTUG’s place as the premier Oracle user group.
Being on the ODTUG Board of Directors is a privilege, and I hope you will vote to allow me to serve you once again. Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Statement

John is a partner in King Training Resources, a US-based firm providing instructor-led training for application developers since 1988. John is an Oracle ACE Director and has worked with Oracle products and the database since Version 4. He develops and presents customized courses in a variety of topics, including Oracle database, MAF, ADF, Web Services, SOA, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, XML, .NET, User Experience, and several other topics. John presents frequently at conferences including UKOUG, ODTUG, IOUG, Oracle OpenWorld, AUSOUG, UTOUG, and  RMOUG Training Days. He is an active member of ODTUG, RMOUG, and IOUG. John has been named acting president of a team re-starting the Arizona Oracle User Group (AZORA). He served on the ODTUG Board of Directors for several years and was instrumental in collaboration with both Oracle and other Oracle user groups. John writes the “Volunteer Spotlight” column for the ODTUG Technical Journal.

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Cameron Lackpour, CL Solve
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Campaign Statement

Again I come to you (and for the last, term-limited time) to continue work on the ODTUG Board of Directors.

As a Director, in the last two years I’ve:

  • Waved the ODTUG flag in New Zealand and Australia
  • Been heavily involved in EPM Kscope13 and Kscope14 content selection
  • Recruited volunteers to manage Kscope’s training lab Cloud infrastructure
  • As always, blogged, tweeted, and cheerleaded about the best Oracle user group there is
  • Set the vision for the EPM community initiatives, recruited volunteers, and begun the grassroots transformation

ODTUG’s community initiatives are your user group’s way to increase your participation, hear your voice, and help drive ODTUG in the direction you need. I am leading the EPM community initiatives, and with the help of some incredibly talented volunteers, people just like you, we will change ODTUG for the better. That work has just begun, but you will soon see the impact at Kscope15, in social media, and at local meetups all over the country, all with the goal of making ODTUG reflect your professional Oralce needs.

I’m asking you to return me to the ODTUG Board of Directors for the final time so I can finish the great work you and I have begun.

Biographical Statement

Cameron first worked with OLAP technology in the dinosaur days of Comshare’s System W and saw the Essbase light in 1993. 

Since that life-altering event, Cameron has:

  • Introduced what was then Arbor Software’s Essbase to Johnson & Johnson Corporate
  • Independently consulted since 1996, with a brief foray into working for consulting companies
  • Created solutions for customers using Oracle’s Essbase, Planning, and anything else that ties to those two products
  • With the help of 12 of his closest friends, wrote the only advanced Essbase book
  • Actively posted on OTN’s and Network54’s Essbase board – sharing knowledge makes his day interesting
  • Presented at multiple conferences including Hyperion Solutions, Oracle OpenWorld, and of course Kscope
  • Taught multiple formal classes and webinars
  • Served on the ODTUG Hyperion SIG
  • Been an Oracle ACE since November 2010 and an ACE Director as of August 2012

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Juan Porter, TopDown Consulting
Learn more about Juan!


Campaign Statement

I am running for a place on the ODTUG Board of Directors because I’ve always found that user groups play a key role in facilitating communication and learning, provide users a valuable support network, and are a great place to exchange information and share ideas.

I began my career working with Hyperion applications over 25 years ago. Since then, I have worked with and supported Hyperion applications, gaining client, vendor, and consulting experience that provides me with a complete view of the changing needs of users at every level of the organization. In addition to my industry experience, I am a member of the Oracle Hyperion Partner Advisory Council and the former OAUG Hyperion SIG chair. I've also served as chair of Hyperion’s national steering committee and led many Hyperion enhancement committees.

If elected, I promise to bring a deep commitment to the work of ODTUG. As a Board member, my goal is to work with other Board members and the user community to continue finding new ways to increase levels of communication and awareness with Oracle leadership, the development community, industry thought leaders, etc., and to create opportunities to bring greater awareness of the benefits of participating in the ODTUG community.

I am grateful for the outstanding benefits I’ve received as a longtime member of ODTUG, and I would welcome the opportunity to give back to the community by serving on its Board.

 Biographical Statement 

Juan is president and founder of TopDown Consulting and has over 25 years combined client, vendor, and consultant experience with Oracle Hyperion. Throughout his career, Juan has been actively involved in the EPM community. He served as chair of Hyperion’s national steering committee and led many Hyperion enhancement committees. He is the former OAUG Hyperion SIG Chair, and he is a current member of the Oracle Hyperion Partner Advisory Council. Industry analysts and other thought leaders frequently seek his expertise on the future direction of EPM and current Hyperion releases, as well as insight into strategic and practical ways to solve business problems using Hyperion. Juan has authored articles for publications such as, CIO Insight, and Enterprise Applications, and he blogs regularly on Juan also regularly presents for OAUG, ODTUG, and other industry groups.

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Bambi Price, Telus Pty. Ltd.
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Campaign Statement

With the ODTUG board re-election here, I seek your support in re-election as your representative on the ODTUG Board of Directors. Having previously served on the ODTUG Board from 2008-2013, I have used the last 12 months to:

  • Create a new technology organization dealing with corporate, non-for-profit, and government sector
  • Work with Swinburne University - based out of the Melbourne, Australia campus - in the design and research facility on technology innovation design
  • Serve in the Australian information industry association (AIIA) as a Victorian State Council member
  • Co-Chair Victoria Government SIG for the AIIA
  • Work to develop the AIIA SIG for the startup community in new and innovated technologies
  • Represent APOUC  for Oracle OpenWorld
  • Partner with Quest Australia and New Zealand, and Quest Asia, on APAC contents and events
  • Speaker on Women in IT at local conferences

ODTUG is a global organization that exists to serve its members. I know that the Board works tirelessly to represent them on the global stage.

I am committed to ODTUG, and in spreading the ODTUG message and our offering globally.

Biographical Statement 

Bambi is the Chief Executive of Telus Support Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia. Bambi is an experienced technologist with many years of knowledge and dedication to the IT market in Australia as well as other global outreaches. Bambi utilizes her superior expertise in the areas of technology solutions, innovation, and development to work and foster the growth of a variety of not-for-profit organizations at the local and state government levels.

Bambi is involved with the IT startup communities in Australia and is working with the Senior Design Center of Innovation on global development of new technologies.

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Sridhar Rangaswamy, Sai Super Software Solutions
Learn more about Sridhar!

Campaign Statement

Sri, as he is known in the Oracle community, has been involved with different boards such as FLOAUG, OAUG Membership Committee, and DBSIG Board, and has developed and taken initiative on policies and programs regarding the general direction of such programs. He has also conducted and organized conferences and written white papers. Sri has always been part of the Oracle movement around the world. He is an Oracle OCP who has been working with the Oracle Database since 1993, the E-Business Suite since 1997, and various flavors of Unix/Linux since 1992. He has an MS degree in information security from Colorado Technical University. Sri is also part of the Membership Committee of OAUG and president of FLOAUG. He was chosen by Oracle to instruct the new employee Oracle Application System Administration (Ad, FND Module) class and has been selected to consult on the Release 12 Fusion Benchmarking, which consists of all of the industry-leading ERP solutions (Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Retek). Sri has served as a project manager within the Oracle Corporation and has managed large-scale projects. He brings the functional and subject matter expertise required to ensure the success of the project. Sri was a guest speaker and panel leader at the 1999 FLOAUG and a guest speaker at the Oracle 11i Upgrade Forum, and he has published Articles in Metalink/white papers for Adrelink and forms resolutions. Sri was chosen by Oracle to instruct the new employee Oracle Application System Administration (Ad, FND Module) class.

Biographical Statement 

Sri has over 18 years of experience as an Oracle consultant and project manager. He was introduced to the Oracle EBS Suite in 1997 with version 9.4 and has continued his technical and professional development through the recent Oracle EBS Suite Release 12.  As a senior Oracle project manager, Sri has developed the requisite knowledge of project analysis, resource management, and risk mitigation to effectively deploy the Oracle EBS Suite. His versatile technical and business experience includes seven global cradle-to-the-grave life-cycle Oracle deployments. His broad experience within Oracle includes the manufacturing, publication, petroleum, military, and consumer goods industries. Sri’s most recent expertise has focused on the deployment and management of the OID, OIM, and SSO technologies integrated with the EBusiness 11i, Release 12 ASCP, and 11i modules. He is an Oracle Certified Professional and continues to mentor his colleagues with his knowledge of the Oracle EBS Suite.

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Mike Riley, Hortica Insurance
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Campaign Statement

I am submitting this nomination to continue my service to ODTUG. I have relished my many roles within ODTUG for several years now. I enjoy giving back to the community that has provided so much to me.

The organization continues to grow, thrive, and diversify where others have not. The challenge is how to continue this trend without sacrificing the quality and identity of ODTUG. It takes bold leadership, innovative ideas, the ability to recognize and seize opportunities, and the ability to provide guidance and resources for healthy growth to occur. I have these qualities and would like to work with the rest of the Board to help ODTUG remain strong AND independent.

It takes a great mix of people to become a successful Board of Directors. ODTUG has been blessed to have had many great people serve throughout the years. I’d appreciate your vote so I can once again become a part of that mix. I look forward to representing the interests of the ODTUG members when elected.

Long-term commitment and determination are required to properly serve on the ODTUG Board. I remain committed to ODTUG and hope your vote will help me continue to serve in this capacity. During my absence from the Board, I have remained active within ODTUG on the 2013-2015 Conference Committees.

I urge you to exercise your right to vote for the future of ODTUG. Thanks for your consideration and participation in this election!

 Biographical Statement

Mike has served many roles for ODTUG – Vice President, President, Conference Chair, Conference Co-Chair, and Oracle OpenWorld Content Chair. Mike is an Oracle ACE, was a columnist for Oracle Magazine, and was named 2014 ODTUG Volunteer of the Year at the Kscope14 conference in Seattle.

Mike is a Project Manager/DBA with Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits, an insurance company dedicated to providing the very highest quality insurance products and employee benefits to the horticultural industry. He has 25+ years of experience, consulting with the Department of Defense and working for a large clothing and shoe retailer, in addition to his current position. He has led many successful projects throughout his career, including leading a development team to create a rating system for worker’s compensation insurance using Designer, Developer, Reports, and other third-party tools. He has also taken part in many database upgrades/migrations and disaster recovery planning and testing scenarios.

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Len Romano, Emtec
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Len RomanoBW.jpg

Campaign Statement

ODTUG is an integral part of every Oracle user's knowledge growth and experience, and as such it is my goal to continue to build on that knowledge growth. The Oracle world is no longer just a single-siloed solution but rather an Enterprise-wide, cross-functional system. In order to facilitate that, ODTUG is the means to provide the education, experience, and knowledge transfer to keep these systems moving forward. As an individual with cross-functional experience, I can cross the bridge to bring together the technical and functional worlds to develop a cohesive organization serving the needs of all who utilize any Oracle system, application, and technology. I truly appreciate your support to become an active Board member.

Biographical Statement

Len has over 25 years of experience using ERP, EPM, and BI tools and technologies. Len has a combination of real-life experience as a user and system administrator, working for a software provider (Hyperion) as a solution consultant and partner manager and now part of a system integrator. Having experienced all facets of Oracle technology (customer, software, and implementation), Len has a full-circle view of what is required to make ODTUG the place to be a part of to gain Oracle knowledge end to end.

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Bert Scalzo, Dell Software
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Campaign Statement

As a longtime ODTUG member, speaker, and conference attendee, I know the ODTUG users quite well. Plus as the chief architect for the popular TOAD product, I've tried to deliver tools for this special audience. Now I'd like to serve in a more active role to even more directly support this user group.

Biographical Statement

I'm an Oracle ACE and have been doing Oracle work for nearly 30 years now. I've been a developer and a DBA, and designed tools for both. I've written nine books, dozens of magazine articles, numerous webcasts, and hundreds of blogs, and presented at hundreds of user groups and conferences. Now I want to serve in support of this very special user group.

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Tim Tow, Applied OLAP
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Campaign Statement

I am asking for your support to continue serving the Oracle community as a Director of ODTUG. 

I became involved with ODTUG in February 2008 as co-chair of the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 Essbase Development Track and joined the ODTUG Board of Directors shortly thereafter. I was honored to be re-elected to the Board in 2010 and 2012. My background as a CPA has been an important part of my contribution, as I have served as the Treasurer of ODTUG for the past several years.

I also bring to ODTUG a tremendous amount of experience helping users in the EPM community.  During my 19 years working with Essbase and EPM technologies I have made a number of contributions to the community, such as maintaining and supporting the free OlapUnderground tools that have been downloaded over 70,000 times. In addition, I was the first Oracle ACE Director from the EPM community and helped create the team of Oracle ACEs that actively serve our community. 

I strongly believe that the tradition of giving back to the community is the responsibility of every member, and I will continue to promote this tradition within ODTUG. In addition to numerous presentations at Kscope conferences, I have participated, alongside my family, in Kscope Community Service Days for each of the past seven years. Through this style of leadership by example, I believe my efforts will help build a community of highly talented peers working together to help both their companies and their careers.

Biographical Statement

Tim is the Founder and President of Applied OLAP, Inc. and is considered one of the world's most experienced professionals with Essbase APIs. He started his career in 1982 as a Certified Public Accountant with Deloitte and later worked for Leaseway Transportation and Intergraph Corporation. In 1995, Tim became involved with Arbor Essbase (subsequently known as Hyperion Essbase and now Oracle Essbase). Other accomplishments include:

  • Speaker at Arbor/Hyperion/Oracle conferences 1998-2014
  • Speaker at Kaleidoscope conferences 2008-2014
  • Best Speaker Award at Kscope14
  • ODTUG Volunteer of the Year for service on the 2010 Hyperion SIG
  • Charter Microsoft Excel Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  • Charter Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
  • Charter Member, XML for Analysis Advisory Council
  • Speaker at Microsoft Tech*Ed 1995 and 1996
  • Co-author “Excel Professional Techniques”
  • Co-author “Making Microsoft Office Work”
  • Co-author “Developing Essbase Applications”

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Sarah Zumbrum, interRel Consulting
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Campaign Statement

It is with great honor that I seek to serve you – the ODTUG community – as a board member. I am an active member of ODTUG who recognizes that it takes a community to build a team. That community is you and the team is ODTUG. My passion is for building our community – across all disciplines, not just EPM – as we are all stronger with a firm foundation. While Kscope is the largest event that ODTUG puts on, there are other areas for involvement – and I have been a part of those.  These have included:

  • Board member for the Hyperion Special Interest Group
  • Secretary for the Hyperion Special Interest Group
  • EPM Community Leader with responsibilities for regional user groups
  • 2013 ODTUG Leadership Group graduate
  • 2014 Hyperion Foundations & Infrastructure Content Committee
  • 2015 Hyperion Planning Content Committee
  • Founder of the Raleigh Oracle Meetup Group
  • Author of a blog meant to serve the technical community

I hope you see that given my involvement in various aspects of our Oracle life, I am dedicated to our technical community. 

My goals for ODTUG are to:

  • Continue to shine as a user group leader
  • Grow as a force for Oracle-community good
  • Reach each Oracle development tools user to support them in their daily work and life

If I am selected to serve you as a board member, I will do so with passion and pride for our ODTUG team.

Biographical Statement

Sarah is an Oracle ACE Associate and Oracle Hyperion Certified Implementation Specialist with interRel Consulting, headquartered in Arlington, Texas. She has previously worked in-house as a business intelligence architect and as an EPM consultant, specializing in the Hyperion suite of tools. She has been a speaker at ODTUG's Kscope, OAUG's Connection Point, ECO Conference, and RMOUG's Training Days.  She is past member of ODTUG's Hyperion SIG Board of Directors (serving as secretary) and is a graduate of ODTUG's 2013 Leadership Program. Sarah has served as a Hyperion content reviewer for RMOUG's Training Days 2014 and 2015, the Foundations and Data Management Track team for Kscope 2014, and the Hyperion Planning Track team for Kscope 2015. She has been published in RMOUG's SQL>Update magazine and by ODTUG's Technical Journal. She is an avid marathoner and resides with her husband in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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