In today's data-driven culture, Analytics and Fusion Data Intelligence (FDI) are critical and necessary for companies to grow, innovate, and succeed in the current marketplace. The ODTUG Kscope24 conference is the premier Analytics and Fusion Data Intelligence conference for developers, data scientists, analysts, and data lovers. If you can’t measure it, why bother? Data loving professionals converge at the Kscope to share the best presentations, new insights, knowledge, and information.

The Analytics Lab will consist of three (3) half-day sessions within the Kscope24 Conference. These sessions are included with Kscope24 admission, or may be attended as a stand-alone "day session" for non-Kscope24 attendees at the rate of $299 per day. To purchase stand-alone Analytics Lab tickets, click the Registration link in the top nav bar, then choose Analytics Lab as your ticket type.

Learn by Doing: the Oracle Analytics Cloud Semantic Modeler

OAC’s Semantic Modeler is a modern, web-based interface for data modeling, offering a streamlined user experience to create governed semantic models. It has a tight integration with Git to provide a seamless multi-user development experience. Developers can create the models using the Semantic Modeler UI, or they can create the models using the Semantic Model Markup Language (SMML).


Attend this hands-on workshop to experience key features including:

  • Complete semantic modeling capabilities including physical diagrams, logical diagrams, and lineage diagrams.
  • Tight integration with any Git-based platform. You can perform most common Git operations from within Semantic Modeler.
  • Transparent SMML generation to define semantic models.
  • An SMML editor that includes smart integration with an expression editor to validate calculations and advanced expressions.
  • A lineage viewer that shows the mapping of physical, logical, and presentation layers.
  • Streamlined search integration that seamlessly shows relationships among objects.

At the end of this session, you’ll understand the value of Semantic Modeler, know when to use it, and how it compares to other OAC modeling tools.


Learn by Doing: Performance Tuning for Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence/Large Semantic Models

You will learn about the basics of Fusion Data Intelligence (FDI) architecture, its functionalities, and how it integrates with Oracle Fusion Cloud applications. This course also covers FDI provisioning, as well as how the product is configured to meet customer requirements. Furthermore, the fundamentals of FDI security configuration will be discussed.  Join this workshop to learn:

    • What's included in prebuilt FDI
    • Core implementation steps
    • Basic security configuration

After this session, you'll understand what's available in FDI out-of-the-box and be well-prepared for the Extensibility feature, which will be covered in the next day's workshop.


Learn by Doing: Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Extensibility

Fusion Data Intelligence provides a prebuilt, intelligent data pipeline to Oracle Fusion Cloud apps. The pipeline keeps FDI synchronized with Fusion data and insulates customers from data model changes, enabling seamless operations.  In addition to the pipeline, FDI offers the elegant extensibility, so you can add data from other sources and customize your analysis without creating a maintenance migraine.  While its prebuilt data model is read-only to ensure all prebuilt KPIs and analyses are never broken, you can add external data sources into custom-built database schemas in its embedded Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) service. Fusion Analytics supports any data movement tool for loading data, such as Oracle Data Integration, any third-party tools, or even plain SQL.


Join this workshop to learn:

  • What’s available via the prebuilt data pipeline
  • How it works to keep FDI in sync with Fusion apps
  • What tools are available to help you extend the data model with additional sources
  • What that means for maintenance

After this session, you’ll know what’s available in FDI out-of-the-box and how to extend the data using FDI and OAC functionality.

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